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How can I tell if my two Budgies are male or female?

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Max Tyler 
Asked at 2011.04.07 02:49:44
I've got two Budgies and one is yellowish with green markings, rather. And the other one is white with grayish markings. The yellow one seems to be more in charge and is a lot tamer than the other one. For example, when walking past their cage the white Budgie immediately stops eating or whatever and flies to the farthest part of the cage. The yellow bird, on the other hand, usually continues eating although alert and attentive. So I was wondering what gender each of them are. I've had Budgies in the past and even raised young Budgies non-intentionally. They can get super tame if young so I was curious if they would mate should I put a nesting box in their cage. Trying to convince my mom to buy one or I just might make one myself out of wood or something.

Many thanx in advance! ;-)
answer Annabria  Answered at 2011.04.07 02:49:44
My very favorite Budgie was named Cobie. And she regularly doused her male counterpartes head in the drinking water until I gave him to a friend to save his life.

He was nearly white with yellow markings, his head was much squarer than Cobie's. He also had the typical blue band across the "nostrils". He was very timid, I am not sure that is true of all males, but the males and females I have had the privilage to hang with displayed the same characteristics.

The females were very aggressive and learned fast. The males had a blue band over the nostrils and did well if removed from the aggressive females.
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