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Can our Akita puppy live in our Yard/Garden (6 Months old)?

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Ellesse Boxer 
Asked at 2011.04.07 02:36:37
I Read some info it says they don't need much space if they are living in the yard as long as they get the excercise they need , im just 13 years old but ive lived with Rabbits,Dogs,Cats,Birds And all sorts of little house pets through my life and i am responsible and at the moment im trying to persuade my mum/mom to get it for me, i can take on this responsiblility with a little help from my big brothers and my cousins around me , so.. can it live in my garden , my rabbits & Cats live in the garden but as a pup it can get used to the animals around him right~? please Answer :)
answer freecambriagirl  Answered at 2011.04.07 02:36:37
Dogs should live inside with the rest of the family, not outside. They are pack animals who see their human family as their "pack" and it's cruel to isolate them in the yard.
Akitas are very dominant, high-energy dogs that need experienced handling; they are a poor choice for first-time dog owners. They also have very high prey drives and might not be trustworthy around small animals even if raised with them. A six-month-old Akita pup is more than capable of killing a rabbit.
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