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Musa Kusa: Defection or spying?

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Craig C 
Asked at 2011.04.06 21:41:14
So last night the big news story was that the Libyan Foreign minister, Musa Kusa (the man said to be the brains behind the Lockerbie bombing incident) had defected to the United Kingdom because he felt the Gadaffi regime had betrayed him and his country and that he supported the Libyan people NOT the regime. This has created many issues, diplomatic immunity has been ruled out by William Hague.

Some people have warned the government that we cannot and must not trust this man, the man said to have aided the murder of those that died in Lockerbie all those years ago. Some people think that this is a spying mission, the plan an attack on the United Kingdom and not a defection.

What do you think, has this man REALLY defected to the UK because he has abandoned the Gadaffi regime, which if true shows that those around him are leaving him one by one and the regime is crumbling from the inside or is he spying on our country? Planning another attack?

The scottish government has said that they want to interview Musa Kusa on the Lockerbie bombing, the man may have just walked into a trap and if he did plan to Lockerbie bombing or help in anyway then i hope that he will be prosecuted for that role.
answer Elric of Melniboné  Answered at 2011.04.06 21:41:14
I'm puzzled as to why he chose the UK, could be that he has a darker agenda that just defecting but hopefully he'll be kept under close scrutiny, I hope he is interrogated for his part in the the Gadaffi Regime and if things come out that he was involved in/or had knowledge of the shooting of Yvonne Fletcher and the Lockerbie bombing, great it's one less Gadaffi terrorist scum and I hope we(Coz the Jocks ain't got this one) don't let him go.

But then he may have defected for the right reasons and that has to be taken into count, he may have info that can be of use, so we have to be nice.

Run out of **** to say!LOL
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