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Looking for a certain type of hardware type thing...?

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Asked at 2011.04.06 03:19:01
This might be the strangest question I've ever asked. I don't know what its called or if this sort of thing even exists (but I swear I've seen it somewhere, if only in my Lego bucket as a kid...) I hope I can explain what I'm envisioning well enough that somebody can tell me what it is called or if such a thing exists...

Basically what I'm looking for is a bracket/brace sort of deal used to connect two bolts to each other at 90 degree angles. What it would amount to is a small ring of metal next to another small ring of metal turned 90 degrees, thats it. If I still haven't explained it well enough, take your two hands and make circles with them and place them next to each other. then turn one so that you can look through it and the other is perpendicular to you.

I'm looking for this to be pretty small too, with about 3/16" holes. Non-threaded is probably better, but I could make due either way. If anything like this exists, please let me know. I don't have access to any sort of welding/torching/soldering equipment, either, so tacking two pieces of anything together isn't really an option

(You know, I hate going out and buying new things because one part of the old one wears out. When replacement parts are unavailable, a little self-engineering is called for. In this case its a swing arm desk lamp... they make all sorts of replacement parts for decorative lamps but it seems the practical ones are neglected)
answer schmidtjohnb  Answered at 2011.04.06 03:19:01
Just going to throw this out there but why not just take a metal coat hangar and a pair of needle nose pliers and make what you are describing
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