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I lost my voice, how long will it take to come back?

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John Smith 
Asked at 2011.04.02 03:24:32
I am a singer, I sing a lot. I am in several different choirs, help out whenever needed, sing some duets/cantors, etc. I also used to play guitar and recorder while singing sometimes, I've never actually played the piano or flute for something like concert/church/etc but I love to play and I'm so glad that I can at least still play the piano, though it's hard not to sing as I play. When I immobilized my finger I was so sad because I couldn't play my piano for a long time.

Anyways back to the main topic :) I got sick on Saturday, I had the worst soar, scratchy throat ever! It felt like my throat was bleeding! I had never had such a terrible, soar throat! I couldn't eat, drink, or swallow because burned and hurt sooo much when I did. Actually it even hurt to breathe, boy, did it hurt.

I was supposed to sing with a choir on Sunday but couldn't because I had no voice and still had an awful, soar throat, I could barely talk, no way I could sing loudly through a whole church, no way I could even talk through a whole church, even if I had a microphone. My soar throat felt a tiny bit better Sunday but still hurt a lot and I still could barely talk, and it still hurt to swallow.

Today is Monday, the soar throat itself feels better (still hurts a little but much better than it did) but I still have no voice, now my voice isn't cracky like it was it's just not there. You know how if you sing or yell a lot and eventually you actually "lose" your voice for a little bit? That's how I feel now.

I have to sing on Wednesday (no one else can) and I'm worried that I won't have my voice back by then.

So how long do you think until I get my full, complete voice back? Until I can sing again (I miss it already)? I have to sing this Wednesday, will I have it back by then? I'm very worried :-
answer Sandra  Answered at 2011.04.02 03:24:32
See your doctor. Laryngitis itself does not have a cure, but if you have a strep throat or another bacterial infection, you can take an antibiotic for it, which will also help your larynx.

If it is a virus, you are out of luck until your immune system whacks it.

Meanwhile, don't even try to speak or whisper. Leave your larynx alone. Drink hot tea and relax. You have my sympathy!
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