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  How far should you put a tampon applicator in?

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Asked at 2011.04.02 02:28:00
I've asked many "computerized" websites and they all say well you tampons probably not in far enough! I really want someone who actually has their period and knows! I can always feel my tampon especially when I bend over it feels as if it was "sliding" out. So I always try to stick it in farther but it just hurts! I want an answer in about inches please! Thank you in advance!!!
answer linsey  Answered at 2011.04.02 02:28:00
What I do I just put in the applicator all the way and then let it slide out as I push the tampon in. Then once the tampon is completely out of the applicator, while the applicator is still in I just use it to nudge the tampon up a little farther. So I don't have to use my fingers to do it or anything, but the applicators are meant to be put all the way in and even then the tampon sometimes doesn't end up far enough there because the applicator can't really stay still while you're using it. So that's why I just nudge it up a little more. Then it just finds it's place once I get up and move around. With tampons you can't really put them in too far, your cervix blocks it. So just kind of get it up as far as it will comfortably go and it will find it's place in the muscles of your vagina when you move around and you won't feel it.

Even if you do put it in farther than it's really meant to be it will move down to where to the muscles can keep it in place, but obviously if you don't put it in far enough it's not going to climb up to the right spot. I know the feeling you're talking about and it probably just isn't in far enough like they said, so you could try my technique or come up with one of your own just make sure it's up there.

There is not definite inches.. Every vagina is different. The applicators are already designed to work with basically everyone. If it hurts you might want to try the kind with plastic applicators if you don't already and make sure the tampon itself isn't too long. It's supposed to just be like a little fat, kind of oval shaped piece of cotton. Some brands make them like sort of long and skinny, and I always had that problem with them. So if it still hurts when you try it that way then I would recommend switching brands. I love U by Kotex myself (the kind in the black box, in the U.S. anyways).

Also make sure that there is actually some lubrication when you do it. Like you shouldn't have tampons in for days. It will soak up the natural mucous in your vagina too which makes tampon insertion painful. I usually just wear a panty liner and try to wait like fifteen minutes before I put another tampon in at least once or twice a day, so that way the blood and mucous membranes get to coat the inside of your vagina again and it will help keep it all the way nature intends it to be. That could help with getting it in.

Also try putting it in differently, I just stand up when I do it but you could lay down, or squat, or just lift one leg up, any way that is most comfortable for you. Try different positions, I know for me that makes a big difference.
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answer 67.213.221.* Answered at 2021.11.16 04:52:19
Though it probably won’t be helpful, most of what I can say is that you’ll know you put your tampon in right just by kind of feeling it out. It’s not in enough if when you sit down you can feel it.
answer 49.228.194.* Answered at 2021.12.01 02:17:29
1. Wash your hand
2. Pull on strings (Gently)
3. Get relax
4. Insert the tampon into your vagina
5. Push it inside
6. Discomfort, may be meaning to tampon may not be far enough inside
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