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Eyes "losing focus" and going blurry?

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Asked at 2011.04.02 02:21:57
I've been noticing for the past couple months that at random times throughout the day my eyes will lose focus and I can't refocus them. If I stare straight ahead they're fine but the second I move my eye a little they go blurry. I'm not spaced out when this happens and I don't have a headache or anything its just in the focus of my eyes. Its starting to worry me because I've never had problems with my eyes before. I appreciate your help ahead of time!
answer Veronica  Answered at 2011.04.02 02:21:57
You say when you looking straight ahead your fine so might be farsighted and need some reading also depends on what you do for work That may be causing your blurry vision you might be focusing on something for too long without blinking. If things get worse you should go see an optometrists.
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