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Wait, so if I call people names, that will make everyone disbelieve homeopathy?

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Fukken Ãœber Death Party 
Asked at 2011.04.01 00:15:54
That must be why all the skeptics are doing it, right?
answer irenaaneri1980  Answered at 2011.04.01 00:15:54
I agree with you.I dont believe in homeopathy but there is no need for name calling,personal attacks etc.
That includes ridicule,sarcasm,caustic remarks and insults said under the guise of humour.

It is an impolite way of communicating and says more about that persons character and social /interrelational skills then the person/treatment they are "condemning".
I consider it like shooting yourself in the foot-it just makes that person themselves look bad and defeats the purpose of what theyre trying to do.
If people dont agree with a certain medicine or method etc they can just state why and provide factual support and ask the other person/s to do the same likewise.

I think some people overestimate the effect that they can have on peoples beliefs.
No matter what you state some people will always not agree with you.
For example,i dont believe in homeopathy but even if i had all the evidence in the world to support that it wasnt real there is always going to be people that still believe it, so for me to then think that i could convince people using snide remarks,nastiness,meanness,sarcasm,ridic… etc not to believe it when i couldnt even with logic and proof would be very strange indeed.
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