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Am I the only one who likes to do this?

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Asked at 2011.03.30 23:03:29
Sometimes I just get the urge to crossdress and hit on hot chicks when my husband isn't home. I'm basically boobless anyway so I can pull off the shirtless look if I tape cheerios to my nips (just in case I have any run ins with the po-po). I shave my cat and glue his hairs to my face and chest.

I think I need help, my cat is running out of hair and my husband is confused..
answer BadBeast is pretending to be a  Answered at 2011.03.30 23:03:29
Thank you so much for sharing this quirky snippet, the imagery this conjures up in my already hyperactive imagination, has got me running through the
most interesting scenarios, involving me dressing as a hot chick, (got the legs for it) and acting real slutty, but in a naive kinda way, having you hit on me, as a guy, then seeing how far it all goes before you realise I'm actually not a hot chick! You haven't sussed me yet, we were disturbed when your husband came home early, (why did that happen in a bloody fantasy?) and I had to pretend to be the Avon Lady! It was spoiled when (and Im sorry to be the one to tell you this) your horndog Husband hit on me! I must imagine myself to be one shmokin' hot chick!
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