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Asked at 2011.03.30 19:48:38
Does anyone know what is in the pesticides on our fruit and veg and what, if any, affect they can have on our bodies?

Tubs of fruit, eg Tesco, often state to wash before use, this is not always possible and when it is, does a quick rinse under the tap remove the chemicals anyway??
answer byderule  Answered at 2011.03.30 19:48:38
i do not know the chemical compositions off hand but i do know this

the people answering here i do not believe have worked with pesticdes or herbicides
in africa many people have died because the used the containers for water after having washed them repeated ly

spraying crops does not only spray the produce it also sprays the ground
and the rains especially if the land is cleared washes the mud impregnated with pesticides and herbicides into the water of the rivers .this water is purified ofr people drinkit straight ,i can kill fish at the worst and at best canges the PH of the water ,purification does not compensate for this
and as an result people devellop cancer ,have deformed babies or babies who are sexually altered mbecause of the raise in PH.
In Mexico where there are no laws to the contrary are over 4 million.andicapped people ,so many that they even can have their own olympic games.

you cannot wash chemical completely from matter that is soft and absorbing ,such as potatoes ,oranges ,tomatoes etc.

only eat guaranteed organically grown produce
most of the civilized first world countries are already aware of this especially the youth
and the people who say other wise must be wanting to sell the contaminated stuff.

i was in a town who grew vegetable with raw sewage and pesticides ,50 % of the people in town were sick according to the doctors
and everybody was washing their potatoes with detergents ,and soap ,this does not help very much potatoes absorb water

in the town that i am now they have discoverd 9 types of parasites and many ilnesses ,from intestinal ,skin and eye problem all relating to contaminated water ,,contaminated by pesticides ,herbicides ,and raw sewage

so forget about rinsing quick or slow
buy organically grown food only
and even with that is a lot of fraudulant behaviour.

i find that the safest way these days to eat is to grow it yourself
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