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What Are The Correct Songs & Words For 92.5 JOE FM & 103.9 CISN Country In Edmonton For Wednesday May 13th.?

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"Rockin' Rowdy" Brad 
Asked at 2011.03.30 01:15:19
Juan The Cabana Boy Is Doing Better And Will Be Back To Somewhat Normal In About A Week Or So. But Is Still Looking For His Cabana Girl To Look After Him, So All Applicants Should Drop Him An Email So We Can GIT-R-DONE. So Giddy Up Girls.
answer JaneyDelaney  Answered at 2011.03.30 01:15:19
Today is happy Wednesday (hump day), don't worry, be happy...

I pulled into the crowded parking lot at the Wal-Mart Shopping Center and rolled down the car windows to make sure my spoiled pup had fresh air. Dixie was stretched full-out on the back seat and I wanted to impress upon her that she should and must remain there. I walked to the curb backward, pointing my finger at the car and saying emphatically, "Now you stay, Do you hear me?" "Stay Stay"

The driver of a nearby car, a pretty blonde young lady, gave me a strange look and said, Why don't you just put it in "PARK" ? ! ! ! ! !

And no stinkin' thumbs down amigos, we appreciate all the answers for the EDMONTON radio stations and the other stations.

There are so many from the Edmonton Group that we don't see anymore because of the thumbs down and violations. Here are some that I miss, that are lost in action: Sher, Michele G, shortE, Energynrg68, Jazzy, Jackie S, diasbias, onlybellgirl, Jane G, Sunbird56, Heather, Yars63.....etc.

K-97 Army Code = HappyBirthday
K-97 Twitter = Mascot
There is also a survey @ K-97 to do and.....
Join the K-97 Road Hogs at Computer Trends at 10008 - 170 St on Saturday, May 16th from 1pm - 5pm to get your K-97 Codeword

103.9 CISN
THESE WORKED FOR ME AFTER MIDNIGHT, hope they work for you
7am = When The Sun Goes Down
7:15 = morning
Bowie = White Sports Coat
9am = You're Gonna Miss This
work = receptionist
10:15 = banana
Lunch = Brad Paisley
2pm = Free and Easy
2:15 = answer
4:15 = wallet
5pm = Take It Easy
Wanted = It Happens
8:15 = answer

92.5 JOE
Trivia Q) Established with rich history and culture, what does Penticton mean interpreted from Okanagan First Nation? A) A Place to Live Forever
Air Mail Code = Babes
Mo = I was able to use the dashes after midnight --------
9am = Turning Japanese
11am = Owner of a Lonely Heart
2pm = Shine
6pm = Last Kiss
8pm = Someday

630 CHED
Bob Layton = 232

Sleuth = cruise
Other Trivia = abc
HowStuffWorksTrivia = they aren't pure breeds
PreciousMetalsTrivia = high rates of inflation
Games 'n eCards = Worms

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