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What is your call? What moves you? ?

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Paulo Coelho 
Asked at 2011.03.29 20:50:04
What moves you? This a question so that you may reflect about the year that has just passed by.
answer jerrys1960  Answered at 2011.03.29 20:50:04
As it says in my profile I am just a simple person that is currently living far away from home in another country trying to do what I can to help others.

I have been here a little over two years and seen things that would break any civilized person’s heart. From government corruption, schools that are just as corrupt, charging parents for teachers that do not teach or even show up and books that don’t exist, etc. etc. all the while making excuses and sometimes threats why it has to be that way. As a result teaching the children that lying, stealing and cheating is ok.

Then there are the many many people needlessly dieing. From things that with just a small amount of decent education so many of the problems could be prevented. If the people would just listen. I have seen children and adults with diseases that are easily preventable and there is no excuse for anyone having to live or die with the illness. Diseases such a polio, tuberculosis, hepatitis, just to name a few.

Improper use of agriculture chemicals to the use of chemicals by international companies (companies that should know better) using chemicals that have been banned in most every other country because of the serious health hazards associated with ANY use of the chemicals.

I have seen the results of what so many around the world tell me is “a peaceful group” which routinely massacres unarmed civilians, men, women, children, and even infants none of which have done nothing to the group.

It is so frustrating trying to help people learn how to produce better crops with higher yields with no extra or in some cases less cost. Only to have others intentionally sabotage the fields to "prove" the different method will not work.

Since all my funding comes from my savings it breaks my heart not to be able to help more people that are sick with things that can be cured, Especially when it is a child. But I simply can not help everyone as much as I would like to. For those that do not understand in order do get medical treatment here, even life or death emergency cases, the hospital and doctors usually demand payment in advance. And the payment for any drugs used as the drug is needed and administered. If one can not pay, no treatment is given. I could list everything from people with deformities because of broken legs and arms which were left unset and sent away., To a 12 year old that fell out of a tree hitting his head, the doctors refusing to even try to stabilize the child forcing the family to make a futile attempt to take the child to a hospital 3 hours away in borrowed car because no ambulance would take them.

I could write for ages about all the things here that drain my soul and make it so very very difficult to even keep moving or even keep trying some days.

But what makes it all worth while is on the days, when even just a tiny difference is made and a tiny little chip of all the corruption, all the hate, all the … evil …breaks away and a real all be it tiny and perhaps to many even an insignificant difference is achieved. But when that difference makes others think and maybe even encourage others to change just a little, in time, it will make a difference for everyone.

Though, sadly, I suspect I will not be allowed to live to see that day when true change for the better actually happens here. But alas if I do not at least try to do what is right and make a difference what good am I to anyone?

When there is a problem or injustice in the world everyone says SOMEBODY should do something about the problem. I have always preferred to be a SOMEBODY at least trying to make a difference than a nobody who is unwilling or afraid to even attempt to help make a difference.

Thus the reason I keep moving or at least keep trying.

May Our Creator watch over you and your family.
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