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What do autistic.children/adults see?

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Asked at 2011.03.29 02:35:32
I have many questions on this. It's just been bugging me ever since I knew my brother was autisitic.

Are their perspective on life different from ours?
Like what they feel,hear, and see?
What do they dream of?
What they see a simple portirat of a family or even a cartoon.
Does the simple sound of the rain bother them?
Do majority of autistic children grow out of it?
Will they remember if they do?
Last question.. Where did autisim come from? How did it begin.

Any help will do. Please and thank you.
answer SSA Registered Disabled PWD KI  Answered at 2011.03.29 02:35:32
Auties and Aspies have a different perspective on life and they way they live their life.

They experience life through a different way.

They have sensory issues.

Some hate loud noise and some do not.

Some do not like to be touched and some do not mind being touched.

Some have extra sensitive eyesight that they are able to see the constant flicker that comes from fluorescent lighting whereas unaffected people can not see it.

Autism and Aspergers Syndrome is NOT curable. Autism and Aspergers Syndrome IS with a person for life.

I am a parent of a only child that was born with Autism and Mental Retardation.
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