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Public Schoool or Homeschool for a gifted child?

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Melissa V 
Asked at 2011.03.28 22:45:03
Okay, My daughter will be in Kindergarten this year. She was tested a few weeks ago from the dean of gifted and talented in our school district. They said that she is above level. Her mind is more in line with a seven year old. At this time she is still 4. Her Birthday isn't until May. My question is: Is it better to put her in school , or homeschool?
answer Dina Felice  Answered at 2011.03.28 22:45:03
With all of these wonderful answers, I'll be brief.

If you choose the public (or even private) school route, ask them what *exactly* what they are willing to do for gifted students. My brother had some difficulties with boredom in most of his grades, but in 4th (or maybe 5th, I'm not sure) grade it came to a head. Not only was he extremely bored in class, the teacher gave excruciatingly boring homework. Maybe for some of the other students, it was practice, but for my brother it was busywork...pages and pages of it after an entire day of (his words) "wasting time while she says the same thing over and over and over and over". A talk to the teacher garnered a promise that she would give him better things to do in class, but resulted in her simply doubling the amount of busywork he was doing as homework. A talk to the principal first resulted in more homework, then in the outrageous statement that "He'll be out of elementary school after next year and the middle school has some honors classes."

He switched to a (very good) private school and was immediately much happier.
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