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Plasma TV x LCD HDTV?

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GiGi אהב× 
Asked at 2011.03.28 21:04:34
I am planning to get a flat screen TV but i would like to know the following:
a) what's the difference btw Plasma TV & LCD TV?
b) what's recommended to buy for best quality TV?
c) any brand you would recomend? Sony, Samsung, etc...
d) any cons and pros?

I appreciate your help!
answer Golfer  Answered at 2011.03.28 21:04:34
I wrote this a few months ago but the info is still correct and may be helpful to you.

he 2 technologies are getting closer to each other but each still has pros and cons.

Pros of a plasma are
1. Better picture with no motion blur, higher contrast ratio (deeper blacks which produce depth to the picture).

The main plasma con is that they still suffer from burn-in (although they have gotten much better). I would not recommend them for gaming even though the manufacturers now say you can. They still won't warranty against burn-in (or after image as they like to say).

They are best viewed in a darkened room because they tend to have screen glare. Shades fix this problem and the newer sets have a anti-glare coatings.

Pros of LCD
1. No burn in problems
2. Lighter and use less electricity to run

Lcds are getting better but still don't have the contrast of plasmas and they still have motion blur (annoying with fast moving scenes, especially sports).
LCDs don't have as good off-axis viewing as plasmas. If you move far enough to the side of an LCD, you will notice the picture fades.

Neither shows standard def picture very well but plasma does a better job.
They have about the same life expectancy (most rated around 60,000 hrs, the newer Panasonics are claiming 100,000 hrs)

Plasmas don't leak and they can't be re-charged either. Also, they're not a dying breed just yet. There's more money to be made by the manufacturers with LCDs so many have stopped making plasmas but only to bolster their profits, not because the plasmas are bad. Pioneer and Panasonic are 2 makers that continue to produce plasma sets and have no plans of stopping (Panasonic will be buying the panels from another maker but they will still be selling plasmas).

In general, I tell my friends to buy a plasma if they want the best picture and an LCD if they want to play video games on them.

I would go with a name brand if I were you. The TV should last for many years and going with an off-brand to save $ in the short term usually costs more in the long run and causes more problems for you.

P.S. I have had a Panasonic plasma for over a year and I love it! No heat problems, no burn-in problems, and a fantastic picture. Most of what you hear about plasma's being junk is hype.

As for brands, Pioneer and Panasonic are the better readily available plasma's. Panasonic Viera models are excellent and will be a bit less $ than the Pioneer Elite line.

Foe LCD I would suggest Sony or Sharp Aquos. Sony is a great tv but you do pay more for the brand.
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