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On my 32" Sharp Aquos HDTV LC-32d62u 1080p HDTV, should I use 720p or 1080i for viewing sports?

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Carlo B 
Asked at 2011.03.28 20:38:32

answer John G  Answered at 2011.03.28 20:38:32
The thing you have to keep in mind here is that there is a difference between what the channel's encoded resolution is, and what your HD box outputs, and what your TV's native resolution is.

These two are set in stone:
ESPNHD is encoded in 720p
Your TV's native resolution is 1080p

The variable is the output from your cable box, which can be either 720p or 1080i

So, you can see that some conversion has to happen for the 720p image to show up on the 1080p screen. Generally, every time the resolution is converted, it loses some small amount of quality. Quality losses are higher for conversions between progressive and interlaced formats. So, if you set your box to output 1080i, the image has to be converted two times - once from 720p to 1080i in the box, and then from 1080i to 1080p in the TV. Those are two bad conversions.

If you set your box to output 720p, only one conversion takes place, in the TV, and it is from p to p, so that is a higher quality conversion.

NBCHD and CBSHD are encoded in 1080i, so for those stations, you probably want to set the box to output 1080i to minimize the number of conversions.

ABCHD and FOXHD are both 720p.

There should be an option for the box to output in "Native" format, which is good because it doesn't alter the image at all, and allows the TV to do the only conversion so it maintains the highest quality.

hmm, a little long winded was it.
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