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Do you ever feel like abandoning this theatre section because of . . . ?

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The Snappy Miss Pippi Von Trap 
Asked at 2009.12.18 01:10:09
. . . the profoundly inane repetition with which questions get asked?

Questions like . . .

"How do I stop being nervous?"
"What song should I sing at auditions?"
"How do I get to be a Disney Channel star?"
"How do I become an actress?"
"Where do I go to audition to be a Hollywood star?"
"How do I get an agent?"
"How do I memorize a 3-minute monologue by tomorrow?"

It just seems like these same questions get repeated over and over and over and over. Why doesn't anyone do a smidgen of research before posting their question, to see if it just MIGHT have been asked 30 seconds before?

Oh, and don't even get me started on the Shakespeare questions that are obviously homework questions.

So, do you ever feel like going away from this section? I'm torn, because sometimes there are terrific questions and insightful answer, but they seem very "few and far between."
answer helene  Answered at 2009.12.18 01:10:09
I've done it before, Pippi, and I'll probably do it again. :D

The same thing happens in every section. I don't know why the SAME questions get asked a million times, but they do. The only solution is to find another section that you have an interest in, and go answer questions there for a few weeks.

I used to be a TC in Painting. I left because I got tired of answering the same questions about the Mona Lisa, the Last Supper, and whether or not Leonardo was gay. And I was tired of seeing stupid questions like "What should I paint today?" and "What's your favorite color?"

I used to be a TC in Drawing & Illustration, but I got out of there too, because I was tired of every question being about graffiti, or manga, and I was tired of the endless requests for free drawings for tattoos, and free logos, and free portraits, and free Photoshop work. There is also an extraordinarily high percentage of "Am I pretty?" questions there. Don't ask me why.

I used to be a TC here as well, but I got sick of reading questions from kids who are eleven and twelve years old, who have no right to be here at all, and can't seem to understand why they can't have their own show on the Disney Channel by next week, without their parents having to drive them anywhere or even be involved at all. I also got tired of warning about the same modeling scams over and over. I was especially tired of it after I got a violation for "solicitation" for posting a link to a page about one of the scammers.

So I've been over in the Health and Pregnancy sections answering questions. And I'm currently getting weary of all the little girls asking if sex can make them pregnant (I'm not kidding).

So now I'm amusing myself by reporting spammers.

Take a break, come back refreshed.
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