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Recipe for homemade kaajal?  

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Asked at 2011.03.21 02:14:56
Can someone post a good recipe for home made kaajal taht is Dark and long-lasting.
answer wisdomoftheages  Answered at 2011.03.21 02:14:56
This is the way my mother used to make kaajal.

1. Silver lamp
2. Cow's Ghee (Ghee made of cow's milk)
3. Silver Plate
4. Two wooden blocks
5. Castor oil (Pharma grade)


Make a wick of cotton and soak it in cow's ghee. Next, fill the silver lamp with cow's ghee and light it. Allow it to burn for about five minutes.

Keep the two wooden blocks alongside the lamp and place the silver plate (Washed clean and dried well with a clean cotton/silk cloth) on the wooden blocks in such a way that it is just a little higher - about 1 centimetre from the flame.

Close all doors and windows and allow the soot emanating from the flame to collect on the surface of the silver plate.

After the lamp has died down, carefully collect the soot from the surface of the plate and transfer it to a small silver container.

Mix the pharma grade castor oil extremely well in the soot to the required viscosity. Remember to mix well without leaving lumps or dry powder.

This blended mixture is now ready as kaajal.
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