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Are you an actor/actress? Is acting important to you?

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Asked at 2011.03.16 22:17:25
Why do you act?
How do you prepare for an audition?
What do you feel or think when you get onto that stage?
These are the questions I would so much appreciate you to answer so you can help me with my research paper! Thank you so much!
answer Slightly Dark Francis  Answered at 2011.03.16 22:17:25
I act because I have no choice. I'm compelled to act because the alternative is a life empty of joy. In other words, I love it more than anything else.

Preparing for an audition...depends on the audition. Some reads are just cold from the script, so you just go into it relaxed and prepared to expend a bit of energy. It's always handy to get a copy of the play beforehand, but if y'can't, do some research on the play and playwright.

Some reads require a prepared piece or two. If you're acting all the time, you'll usually have a couple of pieces you have locked away, but you should still practice them anyway. There's not much worse than over-confidence in a monologue you've done dozens of times only to give a complacent, bland reading at the audition.

If you are given a piece from the show to learn...learn it. Once again, if you can get the play, read the play so you have some context for the monologue.

Stay cool. Auditions are not competitions. I liken it to sports. It's not a team sport, where you have to watch what others are doing (or might be doing). It's more like should only concern yourself with your own game.

Onstage...a million things. Sometimes you're in the moment, sometimes not. Sometimes you're pkaying a role that demands such focus that you are constantly locked into what you're doing, but other roles are a bit silly and relaxing. Essentially the best prep for a show is excellent rehearsal. If you've got a good director, a good cast, a great bunch of creatives and a good a good play, of gives you the best chance of success.
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