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Is LOVING WINNING somebody's HEART.... or LOSING your OWN?

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Asked at 2011.03.16 21:09:29

1derful weekend 2 all!
answer shahrizat  Answered at 2011.03.16 21:09:29
Neither, Enki, if one knows the rules to engage in love

For me, love is a SHARING between two hearts, where a piece from one is exchanged in equal portions with another, and together, these pieces will beat together in harmonious tandem.

There should not be anything selfish about love. Another person’s heart is not a property to be won or owned, and neither is it one’s own heart is something another should be allowed to take away. On the other hand, love is simply a bonding that would bring two hearts closer together so that they would seem to beat as one. They would encourage each other to beat more strongly for each other and they would survive together.

Even in an event of a separation or when a love is nullified, the heart within us would remain beating on its own, because it had never been given entirely away in the first place. It will simply become a little broken, but nothing that won’t mend over time.

Always remember that to love another, one must learn to know and love oneself first. It is also important for our survival, to know that all on the face of this world is simply borrowed and temporary in nature; we never know when the things dear to us will be taken away. So it is best that we would prepare ourselves for it and never to fool ourselves with promises of eternity. Simply be grateful of the love known, and know when to let go…
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