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Poll: yes or no? do u think england, wales, scotland and part ireland should be their OWN country?

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Asked at 2011.03.15 20:20:45
we are all joined, so do you think we should be all seperated like years and years ago, and have our OWN king, queens, rulers or what ever

I myself are from wales, and I would like to have our own welsh kings and queens, and even the old welsh money we had years ago
answer clint_slicker  Answered at 2011.03.15 20:20:45
It would save me money being English if they did separate.

Wales isn't a country its a Principality, part of England ruled by a prince of the English crown, and hasn't been a country since the 12th century.

EDIT ---

Jock - Since each scotish person cost the english tax payer over £1.5K to sudsides scotland. Remember Scotland is the poorest country in Europe. That includes all the taxes made from scotish companies. Thats not even including the amount paid to the welsh who wouldn't last a few years without the English taxes.

Lets split hairs. The Welsh were conquored in the 12th Century, by the english. Wales is part of England and hence the prince of wales is the prince to the English crown. If you want we could included scotland but they weren't included until the act of union in the 1707 some 500 years after England had gained Wales.

If you really want to be picky Germany wasn't around at the time, formed in 1871, and the royal family come from mainly prussian blood line, even though hanover is currently in Germany.

The Act of Settlement, 1701, grants the successor to the English crown the right to Wales as the crown prince of wales. According to English law, and scottish law since 1707, the Prince of wales get the English crown. Since 1707 he also gets the scottish crown and since 1801 the Irish crown as well.

Please also point out were saying wales isn't a country and giving a date in which it stopped being a country contradicts itself.
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