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Do some people in foreign countries ever treat a Canadian rudely mistaking them to be American?

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Asked at 2011.03.10 22:43:46
"some" is the key word, because as an american i am well aware of the stereotypes.
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I have done quite a bit of international travelling in the past 50 years. In all that time I ran into a scenario like you describe once - in Bourton on Water of all places. We were told there were no rooms at a B&B. When I asked if they knew of any places nearby as we were tired after spending 7 hours on a plane from Calgary the lady said "Calgary? Canada?" When I said yes she said to come on in. She thought we were Americans and the American people who had left that morning had spent their entire stay bad mouthing the British. It turned out to be a rare response to Americans - she had a wall of pictures of lots of earlier guests, many of them from the States, who she spoke very fondly of. Just the last ones - they still rankled when we arrived.

Don't feel bad about France - they know no grey areas for anyone - they love or hate everyone equally LOL

I have run into Americans - usually on their first trip, who feel somehow obliged to perpetrate the stereotype. A few of them really are the stereotype but I found quite a few who, when it was a one on one situation, were really quite pleasant.

Now if you are travelling via the Internet, you will find all sorts of the stereotypical Americans right here in YA Canada. They love to come here and floor us all with their rudeness and ignorance. They work at it like they were boy scouts trying to get a merit badge. Too funny really.
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