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Any other Jews not supportive of Israel??? Does this make me a bad Jew?

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Asked at 2011.03.09 00:08:43
I was a huge zionist all of my life until I got to go to Israel for the first time. Long story (very long story) short, by the time I returned to US I was very against Israel. I am very supportive of Palestinians and feel they are mistreated horribly. For a long time I felt only pro-Palestine because I could see and did see first hand, many horrible things Israel was doing to Palestine. But then I started to see how violent Palesetinian culture is and how much it attacks civilians.

I am still supportive of Palestine but if Palestinians would stop blowing up civilians the world would only then see the wrongs Israel has done in many scenarios!!!

I am very conflicted on this opinion. I have never come out in my Jewish community that I am not supportive of Israel. It was very difficult for me to come to many of these conclusions but I could not deny the truth I saw with my own eyes

I hope I dont get hatred though. I just feel like NO BODY has an open mind on this issue, Jews or Arabs!!!
answer Sarah Silverchitz  Answered at 2011.03.09 00:08:43
You are not alone in this Roxy.
I am an American Jew myself too and I live in New Jersey as a matter of fact.
I agree with you that Israel is not a bed of roses and I believe all of these human rights violations and war crimes that have been "performed" by a "legitimate" Israeli government are a million times more serious than some Palestinian faction retaliating actions.
Young kids do not commit suicide because it is kinda!
They do this because they see that there is no hope left for them.
I am glad that there a couple of Jewish organizations that see that way too.
I am not saying that this is right or anything, OK?
However I think that this whole idea of "a modern Israel" is 100 percent wrong.
Where is our Messiah? He should lead us to a beautiful Israel without wars and bloodshed and American Aid from the Goys, don't you think so?
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