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Are we, as Jews in Israel, not repeating the acts of Nazis, what we are doing in Israel?

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Chaim Gershom 
Asked at 2011.03.09 00:06:55
I have visited those former death camps, I have seen the footage that the Nazis were foolish enough to film, it is heart breaking for me to see what happened to our people is being repeated still to this very day, by our own, to anyone else. Violence can not always be the answer to everything, can it? Are we shaming the memories of our familiy members who perished and were tortured for no good reason? Would they be pleased with us if they were to see us now?
answer m i  Answered at 2011.03.09 00:06:55
I hope you aren't repeating the acts of the Nazis.

Israel may be treating the Palestinians worse than the Nazis treated the French, Danish and Belgians, Poles, Dutch, Norwegians and people of other countries it conquered. Although Nazis would punish whole villages for the resistance actions of a few, it didn't force out the whole population and settle Germans in their place.

It is true that Israel was founded by ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, and committed many atrocities to accomplish it. If you look at the legal definition of genocide which includes destruction of a particular ethnic or religious group "in whole or in part", ethnic cleansing can be called genocide, but that isn't the common meaning. Of course the whole basis for that or any ethnic cleansing is the racist idea that certain people have rights and others don't. Israel has always granted certain exclusive rights to Jews only.

So far it hasn't set up death camps or done things like what the Nazis did to the Jews . I hope it won't, but I keep hearing of people beating the drums for it e.g. certain rabbis in Israel saying that it's OK to kill mass numbers of innocent people for the actions of a few. And imprisoning people in Gaza or the West Bank enclaves sounds like a kind of beginning. So while Israel hasn't done anywhere near what the Nazis did to the Jews, its bad enough, and I worry.
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