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Why is the media so one-sided when it comes to Israel / Palestine?

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Asked at 2011.03.09 00:05:12
I'm just curious why it’s always one-sided. What I've noticed is that the news, papers, etc. keep showing the Palestinians as terrorists and Israelis as victims. Whereas many documentaries I've watched show Palestinians as the victims and the Israelis as selfish and refusing to share the land with the Palestinians.

I know that both sides have the victims and the aggressors, but why do they always show only one side? It makes people ignorant to the whole situation. For example, I'm sure those who watch the news will simply think "poor Israelis, being attacked by the Palestinians all the time", and those that watch the documentaries will say "poor Palestinians, always being attacked by the Israelis".

Just in case it does, I don't want to cause any controversy with this question. So I apologise in advance if it does.
answer J Q Public  Answered at 2011.03.09 00:05:12
I really don't believe they are,you get different views from different sources. The media reports in a way to get more readers or viewers,so they sometimes try to raise the shock factor. People just tend to see what they already perceive about any situation,sometimes emotions play a role in our perception. It is the same for any situation really.
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