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Were the Jews in Israel at the time of Mohommed?

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Asked at 2011.03.09 00:02:26
I don't know is why I am asking. I know only the Pharisees survived.
answer αησηумσÏ  Answered at 2011.03.09 00:02:26
yes, there have been. allow me to provide you with an incident that happened to jewish people in the days of Muhammad (pbuh)

a jewish man was the neighbor of the prophet. this jewish man did not like the prophet so everyday, he would pour his garbage in front of the prophet's house. the prophet said nothing, and simply removed the garbage each day. one day, there was no garbage in front of the prophet's house. the prophet found out that his jewish neighbor had fell ill. the prophet, in all his kindness, went to visit his sick neighbor. when the jewish man saw the prophet visiting him, after all he had done to him, he was amazed. he said the shahada and became a muslim..

a jewish woman had lost relatives in a fight to the muslims. she made a feast and poisoned it and had it sent to the prophet (pbuh). the prophet and his friends had the sheep and maybe 2 of them died due to the poisoning. the prophet did not die, but was affected by it. when asked if she had poisoned the food, she admitted to it and was killed because she had killed people intentially.
and please dont tell me that was unjust because if you kill someone with intention to do so, you should be punished. and she had killed more than one person..
i gave you two stories, two different stories so that people wont say that i only talk about one perspective.

so, yes, there were jews in the time of the prophet Muhamamd (peace be upon him)

in israel, i am not sure if there were any jews, but there were jews in saudi arabia, in Madinah

have a nice day ^_^
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