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What else yet Israel did not do compared to Hitler, either to Jews ? ?

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Nancy H 
Asked at 2011.03.09 00:01:46
or to local resistance in countries that he occupied
such as the French resistance , how many homes had German demolished in France , and how many assignments to kill not to capture ,how many air raids on resistance or missile launched in domestic areas or the check points .roads blocking ,how many infants were killed or children jailed .
answer naserq22  Answered at 2011.03.09 00:01:46
Ask me
yes I live there
and I see that ,what ever might others say ,but it is truth
there are over 699 check points in that little area of Palestine "west bank"
there are people who could not reach mosques to pray ,friday 7 days ago only those who were over 45 years old only were permitted to inter Aqsa mosque for friday prayers,
Two months ago a house in Jerusalem was all demolished because the owner added some extra room to the building
Al Kurd family was kicked out of their home
many of east Jerusalem residents are the owners of houses and lands in west Jerusalem ,
You went into good comparison ,Hitler is known as devil I agree ,he has done evil things I agree,gas chambers ,attacked france ,England ,made Wars, I agree,but still ,there are wars made here,there are massacres commit ed here,750 000 were kicked out of homes , 200 Massacres were committed in one year only 1948 ,500 villages are no longer on earth ,
the world recognized the french resistance as liberation movement .
and Germans as the devil , day by day Pals has more understanding in the world
You should think of some previous answerers as people who just for a first time see the truth , they just would reject the idea ,but it is the truth ,and that is history.
even in Israeli newspapers one would see how normal people refusing the idea of killing ,and shooting instead of capture ,all have seen the films
IN germany there were a little wall , but here the wall is much heigher it goes up to 8 meters height ,goes to 700 kms .and its called by Israeli "fence".
HOW easy can you convince yourself DANDYL
keeping a hospital in one city works that is some thing great,
how about all those bodies which were in some hospital and they have to burry it in the Hospital garden because pple can reach to take dead bodies ,and ambulancies were not allowed to move . I am sure there are facts Israeli do not know or do not see , but saying "help enemy" !! there is 1 500 000 person in Gaza , the world at large see how they are helped by Israel,
"elect new leaders"
just a reminder ,do you really want Palestinians to have Palestinian leaders?if it was so why all then were killed? Bassam shak"ah.Mohammed milhem.,,,,,,,,,8 of them in eight different towns were bombed in one day
Yasseen ........
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