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Are the people who like Edge winning but hate Cena winning (or vice versa) Hypocrites?

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[Hannah] [Hardy] JMP* 
Asked at 2011.03.08 23:46:07
Both won World Titles on their return. Some Cena haters are pissed how Cena got the title on his return, however Edge has more or less done the same thing. If they are hating on Cena, then why aren't they hating on Edge too? Now, im not saying all Cena haters are glad Edge won (or vice versa).

But, if people are pissed at Cena winning on his return but glad Edge won, does that make them hypocrites or not?

*Please NO Cena bashing, im just asking a question here.
answer ?  Answered at 2011.03.08 23:46:07
I'm not going to doubt the abilities of either Edge or John Cena. But, as much as I hear about how John Cena can't wrestle, it does seem rather hypocritical to give Edge a pat on the back, when he barely wrestled his match.

Note: I'm not upset that Edge won. I'm not upset that Cena won. I would have expected the titles to go to both of them at a later point. I've stated on several occasions on what I've thought about John Cena having the title this soon, and I still feel that way. I was hoping it would wait until at least 'Mania 25. Where the WWE Championship was concerned, I thought anything was possible, with Edge in the back of my mind. I would have hoped for Vladimir Kozlov to win that belt.
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