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Asked at 2009.12.18 19:59:37
but i dnt have anything to sell and i am not gonna go to smelly thrift shops and spent and hour to make 7 bucks i wanna sell locoste polos from wholesale what if there fake i could get sued so i was thinking off putting out some adds that ppl can come to my house and in my garage i look threw there stuff and pay them

and dont tell me clothes doesnt sell on ebay coz it does i tryed buying stuff at the store on sale and only lost money

srry i like writing in text
answer AuctionAddict  Answered at 2009.12.18 19:59:37
I know how you feel I was in the exact same spot! Heres what I needed to hear to get me on ebay track: Do your research! There are so many tools ebay has available to make sure that you don't get into bad investments. You can search auctions that have already ended to get a ballpark figure of how much people are willing to pay. Theres even a (new-ish) want it now section on ebay where people cant find what they are looking for so they are begging for people to sell it to them. Scavenge that area and try to find items that you can get your mitts on!

Ebay is just as much about marketing your auctions as it is posting them. Make sure they come across the right way to your target audience. If you're selling vintage clothes to young adults you can have a little fun with the auction and speak in a way that will make them comfortable. Joke around. Give your auctions some personality and link them to your other auctions. I wish I could claim these tips as my own, but alas, I can not. Source listed. Good Luck!
ashimagupta02 Answered at 2022.05.24 04:10:35
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