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Teachers, what do you look for in students?

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Bujinkan Ninja 
Asked at 2011.03.02 22:07:32
There are usually questions about what to look for in a good martial arts teacher. But teachers, what do you look for in a good martial arts student? Should he be seen but not heard and just listen to what he is told? Or should he offer his input and opinions and ask questions? How exactly should a martial arts student act around his teacher?
answer Sensei Scandal  Answered at 2011.03.02 22:07:32
In Okinawa there is a saying that goes - Ichariba Chode'e: once we have met, we are as brothers.

If you are not willing to be my family, and love my family, and treat me as family, you are an outsider.

If you walk into my dojo and you see someone who is an enemy, and do not embrace him as your brother, you are an outsider.

If you don't care for my life, you are an outsider. If you don't allow me to care for your life, and love you and your family, you are an outsider.

If you don't trust that I am going to find the truest knowledge to impart with you to help you come 360, you will be an outsider. Go to Tiger Schulmann's.

This is why I refer to my dojo as "juku". In martial arts it represents a close knit family school.

Negative attitudes will not be tolerated. Hostility will not be tolerated.

I don't have friends, I have Brothers, Sisters, and extended families.

These are my requirements.


When I'm around Sensei, I see to it that he doesn't have to bother doing menial tasks and that he is not bothered with menial nonsense.


Wow! I forgot about this question for a minute... you guys are too kind.

This was easy to answer. One day during a sparring session, a person I brought to the dojo who was a "friend" was a "kung fu" student. Sensei had me exchange hands with him and I controlled him.

After Sensei ordered "Yame", we both stopped but the guy threw an elbow and caught me on the bridge of the nose. I was quite shocked, being the person who brought him to introduce him into the dojo.

Sensei went to him and told him that he is not welcome in our school. He told him to get out. He was furious but calmed down. He continued to tell us what became the foundation of our school rules and what I added to, to create the rules of my Juku.

I was a greenbelt at the time and it must have been 30 years ago.

Again, thank you guys... 15 thumbs up? LOL! WOW!
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