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What makes a martial artist?

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Asked at 2011.03.02 22:07:06
Is it how long a person has trained or what and where they have trained? Is there something more than this? Do they have to know certain techniques or have studied under certain masters or in a certain country?

Make your answers as long or short as you see fit. I will pick the most comprehensive and logical answer as best answer whether or not I agree.
answer nwohioguy  Answered at 2011.03.02 22:07:06
Honestly I would say it is a combination of many factors. Just taking a martial art, in my eyes, does not make a person a martial artist. Here are some of my thoughts on this:

1 - If a person spends at least 10 years with a single system and Sensei then they understand honor and discipline plus will have gained true knowledge of the foundation of the martial arts.
2 - Not real sure on the famous instructor aspect because I know and train with some guys who are just as good as the famous ones but a GOOD instructor is that is respected for their knowledge much more than the certificates on their wall which can be bought on ebay anymore.
3 - If a student has developed deep knowledge in a single system and has trained that to the level of natural thought then they are touching on being a martial artist.
4 - When the student realizes that respect is not based on fighting ability or flashy techniques but rather true knowledge, dedication and honor then they are ready to be termed a martial artist.
5 - If the student is dedicated and honorable and will learn from the same primary instructor as long as that instructor lives then they understand the term Giri, or obligation, and are a martial artist.

Please note that sport martial arts, modern martial arts, mixed martial arts, self defense conceptual systems (krav maga and others) are all among the things that are not included here since most of these people could not handle the items listed. But this is all my opinion and honestly I just do my own thing. I don't care if another thinks what I do is wrong or right. I do not care if another thinks some system is superior. To me the martial arts are a way of living peacefully and helping people through teaching has nothing to do with anything other daily training ,dedication, honor and discipline with me...but that is just my 31 years of watching them evolve into their modern buy your black belt anywhere and claim what you want manner.

Sorry went off a little bit there but I love what I live to do and that is the martial arts and hate that people are so misdirected on what they are about today. Nice question though.
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