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What makes a martial artist a good martial artist?

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Asked at 2011.03.02 22:05:23
Bruce Lee is widely discussed on this forum and some claim him to one of the best and others ar not fond of him at all.

What is the measure of a GOOD martial artist?

Best answer will go to most logical and clear cut answer whether or not I agree.

Disclaimer: This is not a question about Bruce Lee!
answer Katana172 version3  Answered at 2011.03.02 22:05:23
Big suprise but I have to disagree with Tim. What Tim describes is a fighter, not a martial artist. you could basicly take a person and train them only in fighting for a year, and you would definetly have a fighter, but maybe not a martial artist, and there si a difference.

For example: take a young American, teach him MMA, however do nothing to work on his self control or his respect for others, and you winde up with a Juni Browning, whom IMO is not even close to a martial artist. A fighter yes, possibly a thug but not a martial artist, because he has no self control, not in the way he treats others, but also in the way he treats himself, and also in his dedication to his training. I don't want people watching him on Tv and saying, oh is that what a martial artist is, no thanks.

For me one of the hallmarks of a martial artist is the goal of being better tommorow, in every aspect of your life and training, then you were today. this means in the techniques you are practacing, doing one mopre push up, pushing yourself for 30 seconds more of cardio, as well as having better self control of your emotions and temper, and more discipline. The main aspect of a martial artist is seeking to continually improve.

I feel that self control and a certian amount of phylosiphy is essential to be considered a martial artist. Anyone can be a fighter, maybe not a good one but still I think you understand my point. Yes you definetly need to be able to defend yourself, however in the long run, how big a part is that actually? How many people that study martial arts are ever realisticly going to have to physicly use it in a situation they can't walk away from? I have found I use the mental aspect in every day life a million times more then I ever use the physical side. Just the fact you train and can take care of yourself will be enough to deter all but the most determined attackers.

There was a study done where they took prisoners and showed them video tape of people walking down the street, and without fail they all picked the same people to target, and suprisingly passed up smaller males and females for larger males, simply based on the wway they carried themselves. Martial Arts training makes that difference in the way you present yourself to the world.

I know Tim is a MMA nuthugger and feels that traditional trainign is useless, however consider the following:

1) Is the man who takes Tai Chi and finds some peace and help to get over the death of his wife of 30 years wasting his time?

2) Is someone who uses the training and mental discipline of martial arts to combat and beat a substance abuse problem getting nothing from it?

3) Is the outcast kid with the Blue hair who has no friends, is failing in school, and has anger issues wasting his time training traditional, with all of the phylsoiphy, when the results are a well adjusted young man who just finished college and has a steady grilfriend, as well as numerous friends?

Big note: i am not saying that MMA training will not do the same thing. Heck even organized high school sports can, so this is not a traditional vs. MMA answer. I have talked to some MMA people on here, including you, that I would be proud to train with and call martial artists, but there are others I would simply call fighters or thugs. I have also seen some "traditional" people on here that are the furthest thing from a martial artist.

My point is that to me a martial artist should be someone who knows far more then how to fight. If that were the case we could take a street brawler who has never had any formal training in his life a martial artist, simply because he knew how to fight.

Warriors throughout history have prided themselves on there sense of honor and self control, as well as their fighting abilities. They felt that a code of conduct, such as Bushido or Chvalry was an important part of the training, so that you didn't winde up with a bunch of mindless killers. Even modern armies teach their soldiers rules of engagment.

Without the self control and discipline, a person is not a martial artist, no matter how physicly gifted they are. They are simply a fighter, like Juni Browning. If anyone can live with him being a "martial artist" to the public at large, more power to you, it just leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth.

He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still- Lao Tzu
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