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How do you judge a martial artist?

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Asked at 2011.03.02 22:00:51
Some people attribute martial artists with being in great physical shape. Would you think less of a martial artist's ability because of his appearance (looks, weight, etc.)?

How do you top contributors judge other martial artists?
Do you look at their physical appearance? Do you look at their strength? How do you tell if they're any good?
answer pugpaws2  Answered at 2011.03.02 22:00:51
Being in great shape is nice. However, some of the most dangerous martial artists I know are getting older and have health problems. Because of that, they have gained weight that they can do nothing about. Still, they are people that you don't want to get into a fight with.

That being said, I judge each martial artists, especially those of high black belt ranks by these things:

* Does the individual accomplish his techniques with reasonable power, yet do so with good body mechanics and technique, rather than strength? If so then he has something. Anyone that must use strength or tenses up unnecessarily, has not developed his techniques to a high level.......

* Does the individual raise his shoulders or tense them? If so, he has not developed his technique to a high level.

* Can the individual make both hard and soft techniques work smoothly? If not, he is not there yet.

* Is the individual able to defend against all types of attacks? If not then he has much to learn.

* Can the individual defend against all types of unknown attacks, or only those he expects in advance? If so he has limited skills at best.

* Does the individual seem more interested in demanding respect, or attention, than in improving himself, and teaching others?

* Is that individual truly pleased when other martial artists learn and do well? (not talking about his students, but his peers....)

* Does the individual think he knows it all, or does he truly understand and teach that no matter what you know, you are only beginning to understand and develop your abilities? If not, then he is truly lost and does not see the big picture.

**** There are many more things I look for to see what a Martial Artists is and understands, but these are essential.

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