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How surprising is the weight of time (Moto Gp)...........?

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Asked at 2011.03.02 21:59:59
there's a big logistical operation underway, to transport the 270 tonnes of equipment needed in Moto Gp. from Japan to Jerez..the timing equipment weighs (7 tonnes), that's more than the official BMW cars and bikes used (5.5 tonnes). now the transponders on the 100 bikes can surely only weigh a few ounces, and there will be 4 (probably) timing stages including the start/finish line, where does all the weight come from..?
answer Wiggysan  Answered at 2011.03.02 21:59:59
It is alot I musrt agree.

Did most of this kit even get to Japan ? I'm sure the race was cancelled before anybody even got on a plane ..... that never took off.

Either way, you right, it really does add up to alot.

I remember collecting a " Frag " load for my daughters head teacher in a 7.5 tonne Merc Sprinter van.
I was told the load of " frag " ( I had no idea what frag was before I set off ) whould be in 2 steel boxes about the size of washing machine. I really could not understand why I needed a 7.5 tonne van with twin axel's for something the size of 2 washing machines, but still I went to collect them.

They were loaded by a fork lift truck that had to load them one at a time due the weight.

I was ( as Im sure you are reading this ) very puzzeled.

It turns out " frag " is the name of a car once it has gone through a shredding macine. the biggest bit of car I could find in these containers was smaller then a 20 deck. However there was still 100 % of the car there. Hence the weight !

Turns out it was recycle week at school and they wanted to show the affect of landfill vs recycle. Damn good example I thought.
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