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Aging Martial Artist?

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Asked at 2011.03.02 21:55:57
Im at a weird point in my training. I am getting older and my knees and shoulders are starting to wear out. Like everyone else that's trained for several years I have a ton of old injuries. I also am no where near as "Hard Core" as I was several years ago when I started training. I am having trouble finding a school that trains hard, but not crazy hard or that isn't a Mcdojo joke. What do you older martial artists do when your body needs a change of pace?
answer samuraiwarrior_98  Answered at 2011.03.02 21:55:57
Being older than most and having done martial arts for almost forty years I learned a long time ago to start to take more careful care of my body. Some of my friends from my competition days did not do that and sad to say can't do martial arts any more. Older experienced martial artists rely on their mind, skill, and experience not on their bodies and failing athletic abilities. Unfortunately some testosterone filled younger instructors don't have that idea as they are not at that point yet. I would talk to one or two of them where I was working out at and see if they can't modify their teaching and approach to class a little with respect to you and other older students. In the long run it is to their advantage as we are all getting older and they and the younger students will be there soon enough.

Some schools have and do modify their approach and it is not really that difficult. Younger students and instructors at such schools are taught respect and discipline while also being taught that older students and instructors sometimes have some physical limitations due to their age or old injurers. You may even ask if they are willing to let an informal class of older students meet several times a week in a separate room (if it is available). If none of these instructors can or want to modify their approach to accommodate you then you have other options. Look for another school, martial art, or start your own group and work out in your basement, local rec center or at the local health club in their aerobics room when they don't have any classes scheduled. Good luck and keep kicking!
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