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Do you think dog and horse racing is fixed?

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Asked at 2011.03.02 20:53:13

answer QHlover  Answered at 2011.03.02 20:53:13
Interesting question. THe answer is that it happens a lot less than people are led to believe. Its just the big scandals that get broadcasted to the world, and people stereotype from that.

Most people don't know that some medications are legal, like NSAIDS (anti inflamitory drugs). People are led to believe that any medication is illegal, but it isn't true.

Did you also know, that if a trainer is caught with needles in his possesion, he gets a suspension. The only person licensed to give shots are vets, and they must abide by a code of ethics or they risk losing their licenses.

Also, if a horse is suspected of drugging, they can take both a urine sample and a blood sample to test. Blood tests are much more accurate and detailed than a urine test, so they can test for more drugs.

Still, it happens, but as the exception, not the norm.

This is all based of of my knowledge of thoroughbred racing, no dogs.
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