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Jockey - what is the role of a horse racing jockey in horse racing and how he gets jockey qualification ?

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The first thing one can say is that there is no real defined career path for people to become a jockey. Whilst this is advantageous in that you can succeed if you are good, the lack of a path means that it is difficult to enrol into the sport and find about what is required to become a jockey.

Hopefuly,the details below will give you a few tips and useful contact details to get you going. You too could become a jockey! Good luck.

The most obvious requirement is that one needs to weigh ideally no more than 52.5kgs, 116 lbs or 8stone 4lbs (for flat racing) or 62kgs, 136 lbs or 62kgs (for Jumps)in order to secure rides from trainers. In flat races, allowing for 3lbs for riding clothes and saddle soon puts one at 54kgs, the weight most flat races begin to be weighted at in most countries.

In the US, for the flat, ideally one needs to be a bit lighter, about 110 pounds (50kgs) as weights tend to be about 3/4 lbs lighter.

To stay light means one has to keep the calories down. Often jockeys eat no more than a piece of toast and a few cups of tea throughout the day.If you want to see what a jump jockey eats during the week, click on Carl Lllewelyn's photo

Height is less of a pre-requisite although it will govern your weight and aerodynamics in the saddle.
However, Lester Piggott was 5 ft 7 1/2 inches tall and Richard Hughes of the UK is 5ft 10 inches.

16 years and upwards. From this age you can enroll with an apprentice school or join a trainer.
It is also the legal age where you can start riding in competitive races. In some countries, like Spain, one can start riding in races as an amateur at the age of 14 before becoming a professional at the age of 16. So check with your local racing administration about what is possible.

Grades at School
You don't have to have any academic qualifications to be a jockey or start as an apprentice.
However, athletic ability and a fair amount of common sense are very important.

Horse People
Above all, we would state that before becoming a jockey one needs to be a "Horse man/woman". It is imperative that one understands the origins of horses, their nature, breeding, feeding patterns, gait analysis, breathing patterns, conformation, work routines, shoeing, etc, in addition to starting to ride a horse.
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