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Can you answer these "pick one or the other and why" type hockey questions?????Answerer?

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Asked at 2011.03.02 20:15:25
Happy Coffee Friday. Please pick one or the other and why:

1. What is more important to a team: Hockey coaches or hockey scouts?

2. Which is more exciting: the Shootout or the Shutout?

3. What team has the most fascinating rich history: The Red Wings or the Blackhawks?

4. Just to settle an argument that I am having with another Answrer: What is more funny on youtube or break…….a guy getting hit in the nads or animals doing silly things? Why?

5. What team as the richest fighting history: Boston OR Philadelphia?

6. What is the worse situation for a hockey player in a corner: Losing the puck OR losing a stick?

7. What is more annoying: Watching a game with FoxTrax (glow puck) OR Watching a game that only has two minutes of 5 on 5 play (because of so many unnecessary penalties)?

8. Is commentating more annoying: On Versus OR when it was on ESPN?

9. What is the most important safety equipment in your opinion: Pads OR a helmet?

10. What is more of an exciting day for a hockey fan: The Trade Deadline or Draft Day?
answer hockeynut  Answered at 2011.03.02 20:15:25
1. Scouts. Without good players, coaches will have a tough time winning.

2. Shootout, when it is 0 - 0 after O.T. Who will crack first?

3. Blackhawks. They just do.....

4. Animals doing funny things with someone's nads.....

5. Boston. Philly guys fight just because they don't know any better.

6. Losing the puck after you lose your stick in the crack in the zamboni doors.

7. FoxTrax. What a dumb-a$$ idea!

8. ESPN. I can at least make it into the third period before going to sleep watching on Versus.

9. Pads, by far. You can play pretty hard without a helmet, but take away pads, and the All Star game will break out.

10. Trade Deadline. Most people don't know 3/4 of the players involved in the draft.

Happy Friday Hales!
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