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I am thinking of riding a bicycle. Will it hurt my scrotum and affect me from being a father?

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Michael O*Leary 
Asked at 2011.02.28 23:48:05

answer Rusl B  Answered at 2011.02.28 23:48:05
I have a newborn son and I cycle. I know I am well fertile because we didn't have to try very hard even though we wanted to ;-)

This is a good question. Of course you are much healthier for cycling as everyone has said. However there is real research that indicates you can do damage if you ignore that area. This doesn't affect everyone because we all have slightly different riding style, posture, anatomy, and whatever else. But some people it impacts more so.

Most seats these days are solid plastic on the end of a post with maybe some foam or gel stuck on as an afterthought. Not comfy for a long ride. More traditional is a hammock style saddle - but that is a bit more work, you have to break it in. I ride a Brooks saddle. There are also ergonomic seats with a hole in them. I had that for a long time but it also has plastic construction that broke (and my first one was stolen)...Also, I never was convinced it was helping me to relieve pressure. So I switched to the hammock style. It isn't dramatically different but I like it. There are noseless seats if you are seriously worried. That takes all the pressure off your crotch to put it all on the bum. But, it changes the bike handling (often if you stand on the peddles you steer with the seat nose between your thighs)

You might want to also consider a different style of bike if you are very worried and don't like to go noseless. A recumbent (reclining) bike is very comfortable and you don't have to worry about seat fatigue. They can often go very fast. They often have smaller (stronger) wheels. The balance is a little different than a regular bike and you sit a bit lower in traffic so get one of those visibility flags for safety. It's a great way to move. I don't have one yet as they are not produced as massively and so aren't so cheap. One day, however.

Another style of bike is the old fashioned Pedersen bicycle. This is a bike nerd favourite. IIngeniousconstruction but it never caught on. Comfy upright riding posture and an integrated true hammock for the saddle. I also want to ride one of these one day.
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