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Nighttime bicycle etiquette in Texas?

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Asked at 2011.02.28 23:47:24
OK so earlier tonite I was biking home from a hockey game on the right side, going northbound (traffic going southbound was on the left) and a motorist (who appeared sober) told me I should have been on the other side of the road.
So who is right? I would call DPS in the morning but today being Sunday so I think they're closed.

Bonus question (please answer for me to consider giving you best answer)
I am currently using a Schwinn Worldsport, gets me where I need to go (school usually) which I use between 30 and 100 miles a week, yall think I should upgrade? As a college student I am putting my budget at about 500 dollars american. I don't have many steep hills to worry about in this part of Texas, but generally prefer a mountain bike to a road bike.

Also being that I bike a lot for transportation, do yall think it's worth it to insure it in case of theft / loss / damage in case of an accident or vandalism? A friend of mine works at Geico and I know they could insure it (I don't remember their quote though)
answer Max Cruise  Answered at 2011.02.28 23:47:24
As stated, the motorist is wrong, you were in the right.
See URL below
"Cyclists have all the rights and the duties that apply to drivers of vehicles. This statement includes stopping at signs and signals, yielding the right of way and obeying posted speed limits and one-way street signs." That means you ride with the flow of traffic. Motorist was wrong and wanted you to break the law for his convenience.

For night time I use a 10 watt and a 25 watt lights on the front.
I recommend two lights so you look more like a car. I use three red flashing lights on the back of the bike, one of which is mounted to my helmet. I also wear a reflective vest. Wearing a reflective band on your ankle is a great suggestion.
More lights the better.
Hope this answers some of your questions.
Good Luck
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