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Will I ever get over the difficultness of riding a bike?

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Asked at 2011.02.28 22:05:03
My husband and I ride 7.5 miles a day almost every day. The road-neighborhoods we ride in are pretty hilly. I can do 7.5 miles in 35 minutes. So we keep a pretty good pace. My husband can ride circles around me and he is 10 years older than me. It kills me to think that I can hardly keep up. I have allergies and he doesnt seem to think that this should hinder my riding. I think it is a contributing factor to my difficulties in riding. My pelvic bone is always sore (even with padded seats and bike shorts). I am trying to toughen-up. Am I just being a wimp? I can work out in the gym and get this exhuasted! He just seems to think that I am not trying hard enough. If I try any harder I will vomit! Come on! No one likes to do that! I have been known to do that and continue to ride. But that just isnt right, is it? Ideas? Although, he says once I overcome my difficulties with the 7.5 course, he will take me on longer level rides. Do you think this is the better course for me?
answer BHR  Answered at 2011.02.28 22:05:03
cycling is hard work. You didn't mention what kind of bike you were riding. As far as your pelvic bone hurting, it could be the seat itself or the seat is not in the right position. Most bike shops these days have a pro on hand that can make adjustments to your bike to make it much more comfortable.

As far as being exhausted you might be riding in the wrong gears. Try these ideas:

1. when going up hills...have the chain in the smallest chain ring in the front and one of the two biggest in the back.

2. when riding flat terrain...have the chain in the smallest or middle chain ring in the front and one of the middle three gears in back.

3. when riding down hill...have the chain in the biggest chain ring in front and one of the smallest gears in the back.

And always be in the right gear just before you know you are going to need it. This will help keep the momentum. Also, try to keep your rpm in the 85 to 90 range. Do this the same way you check your heart rate. Count the number of pedal strokes you make with your right pedal for 6 seconds, then multiply by 10. Your right pedal should make 8 - 9 revolutions in 6 seconds. If it doesn't, shift to an easier gear in the back until you can stay in that 85 - 90 range.

If none of this works, by a moped! Then tell your husband he's going to slow.
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