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Why does it bother so many People that the Giants are the 2nd best team in the NFC.?

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Ω†♡Kim with 
Asked at 2011.02.28 21:52:26
And i Admit they are 2 in Conference, because even tho it KILLS me to admit, Dallas IS better right now before season starts. That said, I understand Regulating Dallas, Green Bay AND the almighty Patriots on thei way to a Title Irritated alot of People.. but Honestly, Gimme a Break, New Orleans , No, Maybe, but No.... Green Bay, again Maybe, but a New QB, so No... Minnesota, Possibly better, but with Tavaras Jackson? no... Phillie, theyll be good, but once again, they failed to get a receiver to help, when healthy, the best QB in division..... Carolina, PLEASE!.... The BEars, try again.... Detroit, SF, Seattle, no no no no no no. the Giants are 2nd betst team in NFC... Why does that bother so many people sooo much =)
answer Professor X  Answered at 2011.02.28 21:52:26
People are haters is all. The Giants have still not gotten the proper credit for their Super Bowl Championship, but who cares about those hatin' fools (just look at some of these answers). I actually believe the Giants will be a better team this year than they were last year. Eli is primed and ready to show us what he is made of. His fifth year in the league will be his best yet. The Giants are a young team, with an excellent somophore class that should improve this season, and very promising rookies. Strahan is a big loss, but Tuck and Osi will fill that void well enough. Toomer is the only other significant geezer on the team, and he still has at least one good year left. Does that mean they'll win the Super Bowl again? I hope so, but probably not (I admit, I still don't know how they won the last one, and I've watched and re-watched the Cowboys game, Packers game and Super Bowl several times).

But, I do have to admit that the Cowboys have superior talent. I won't argue that they are the favorites in the NFC, but I have my doubts about Wade Phillips. I don't like the way he prepares his teams, but maybe that won't matter, maybe the talent can overcome. In any case, Go Giants!
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