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Baseball section Users : What kind of questions do you answer in the baseball section?

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Janet ♥(YFFL) 
Asked at 2011.02.25 00:36:36
Before I get some sarcastic answer ... don't say the obvious answer Baseball questions lol.

I mean do you answers about Baseball surveys / questionnaires, questions more focusing about your team, or questions focus on the overall aspect of baseball .

Just wondering =D.
answer SFGiantsFan19  Answered at 2011.02.25 00:36:36
I answer all of the questions I feel I can offer proper input on, as well as those survey things, and yes even the stupid questions (but I usually leave a very sarcastic answer on those ones).

It also depends on my mood. Like sometimes I don't feel like putting in the effort to answer a survey, or sometimes I get fed up with stupid questions and don't bother with them. However, I am ALWAYS in the mood to answer a question about my favorite team.

As for questions that ask obsure things like "Who got the most triples between the years 1940 and 1950", I tend to skip those. I figure Chipmaker or Utter Chaos will handle those with ease.
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