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The Michael Spinks who layed out Marvin Johnson vs The Bob Foster who layed out Mike Quarry, 15 rounds,.....?

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zebbie g 
Asked at 2011.02.25 00:32:26
who wins?
answer galactus177  Answered at 2011.02.25 00:32:26
People tend to forget just how formidable Michael Spinks was. Sure, he was flattened by Mike Tyson but I'm sure that Foster would have met with the same fate, against Tyson. Michael Spinks has a slightly more successful record against heavyweights.

There are quite a few similarities between Spinks and Foster. Both are tall, long jabbers with formidable power. Each would do similarly well against the list of greatest light-heavyweights. It's easy to point out how Foster stretched Dick Tiger and ruled over the 175 lb. fighters but boxing politics stood in the way of Spinks doing the same, against better competition.

Foster would surely trouble Spinks with his jab but Spinks' unpredictable style would also trouble Foster. Most of Foster's opponents came right at him, not a very wise tactic. Spinks would lose the first few rounds but he'd dominate the middle rounds by circling away and darting in and out to score at Foster's middle. Foster was formidable but he's not as versatile as Spinks.

The other thing to consider is that Spinks would likely take Foster's punch. Sure, he was flattened by Tyson but let's not even speak of the difference in power here. Spinks would learn that he can not out box Foster from outside. He could compete but it makes for a very close fight that would be difficult to score.

With Eddie Futch in his corner, I'm sure Futch would see this and be able to help Spinks change his tactic. During the middle rounds, Spinks would begin to use his stronger legs and force the fight inside, in spurts, but enough to take the middle and later rounds.

In the later rounds, Spinks closes the distance and hurts Foster inside. Another thing people forget is that Foster didn't have the strongest chin. I'm betting that Michael can take Bob's punch better than Bob can take his.

The fight remains close but Spinks wins 4 of the last 5 rounds, and the fight.

Spinks W15 close UD
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