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Baseball Fans : How about a Small Baseball Survey?

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Janet ♥(YFFL) 
Asked at 2011.02.25 00:21:19
Have not done one in a while

1- Did you vote for the Last 2 guys to make the All Start team, who did you vote for

2- Are you happy with Inge and Victorino being the 2 guys.

3-Texiera Back in Anaheim, If they Boo him , does that mean he actually was liked in Anaheim-

4. Who do you think will Start for the NL The All Star game

5- Who do you think will Start for the AL

6- Do you like the HR derby

7- If the AL gets the Lead who would you go to get the save, Mo Rivera, Nathan or Papelbon and WHY

8- Does this upcoming series is the last series before the All Star game, How important is it.

9- So Far are you happy with your teams Record

10- In this section, do people know the team you follow

Hope you have a good Day :D
answer shintalka  Answered at 2011.02.25 00:21:19
1- I voted Lind and Sandoval
2- Nope, I was looking forward to the other 2 winning.
3- Yea probably, He did help them out quite a bit in the regular season.
4- Tim Lincecum
5- Roy Halladay
6- Yes it is very entertaining.
7- Mariano Rivera (His career may almost be over)
8- For my team, very.
9- No, 1 game below, I am disapointed in the Jays, they should be 10 over.
10- Yes, I think some people do.
Hope you have a good Day Too :D.
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