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What is your favorite group of people to make fun of, and why do you bother?

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= KitKat = 
Asked at 2011.02.24 20:28:15

answer Doc Watson  Answered at 2011.02.24 20:28:15
I've never been comfortable stereotyping any group of people because my experience has been that there are smart and dumb and honest and crooked and fair and unfair people within all groups, be they ethnic, religious or national. I'm a born and breed good ol' boy redneck Texan who also happens to love classical music, fine literature, foreign films, etc., etc.

So I won't make fun of groups but I will make fun of specific individuals I think deserved to be mocked.

When I write satires I always make the effort to point out that my target is individual hypocrisy or indifference or greed and not a specific group and I'll add subtle disclaimers to this effect.

The people who I think deserve to be made fun of, like fundamentalists or ultra-liberals or ultra-conservatives, wouldn't catch the humor anyway because they tend to be too serious in their beliefs to see the humor in absurdities.
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