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For adults (including young adults): What do you think of today's younger generation?

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Hermit Cat 
Asked at 2011.02.24 20:20:29
I am a young adult. Now, I see kids my age (I consider them kids because they don't seem to act like adults) being incredibly disrespectful to elders that have taught them what they know today. In some ways I feel like I belong in the generation before me, I'm ridiculed for respecting and helping people! Why do younger people think poorly of this?!

Was it like this back then, like before the 90's and 00's, or were kids just as disrespectful as they are today? I know there are some good kids out there, but it seems as the respectful ones have been trumped by society's new ways. Your opinion?

thanks to all answers.
answer AnnaBanana  Answered at 2011.02.24 20:20:29
I am 26 and have worked with teenagers as a high school teacher and in a detention center for kids in lockup and I have seen some changes. It seems like young people feel more comfortable saying whatever pops into their head around adults.

My theory is because this generation's parents were raised in the 70's and 80's when they were always rebelling against their own parents who were strict... so now that they have their own kids they don't want to be strict like their parents, so they let their kids get away with a lot more.

I think it's all about parenting. As a teacher I liked all my students. Even the ones who were kind of rude sometimes. I just didn't put up with their crap and once they realized that we got along just fine. They need to teach people how to be better parents. It really does affect a kid when parents don't know how to set limits.
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