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How accurate are the costumes and characters in the new movie Marie Antoinette?

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The costumes in the film are not actually that accurate. They are all very brightly coloured, this gave the lavish image that the film maker desired, however in truth ,arie antoinette would have worn more deep and majestic colours like red and blue. As for the clothes of the Dauphin and louis XV their costumes were fairly accurate.

Most of the characters are based on real people. The two chatty women who were in the woods when Marie Antoinette first arrived were Madame Victoire, and Madame Adelaide, the were the daughters of Louis XV who never married and lived at versailles all their days as spinsters until the revolution, they were know as Les Mesdames Tantes, as they were the aunts of Louis XVI. At the dinner table when Marie Antoinette says who is she, in reference to the kings mistress Madame du Barry it is the Comtesse du Noilles who first answers her, this countess was the mistress of the houshold to Marie Antoinette. Then her brother in law the Compte d'Artois elaborates who du Barry is for her. He is the younger brother of Louis XVI and many years after the revolution would become King Charles X. Louis XVI's middle brother the Compte du Provence also features throughout the film, it is his wife who give birth to a new prince before Marie Antoinette does. Count Axel von Fersen was very close to Marie Antoinette, it is not clear if she had an affair with him, but the biography on which the film is based says she did, so that is why it is added. The wig maker, or hairdresser Mr leonard was a true character also, he almost certainly did not go around in pink stockings as is shown in the film.
As for the numerous extras they are most probably based on real people because the film was very well researched, but there were vast numbers of people living at Versailles so these actors could be representing any number of them.
You are right that the Queens levee would be more elaborate, but Louis XV was widowed by the time Marie Antoinette so as Dauphine she was the first lady of Versailles from the moment she arrived and she would have had an elaborate levee, one thing you may have noted is that her bedroom does not change after she becomes queen, this bedroom is the one she would have slept in as queen, but she had an apartment on the floor below when she was Dauphine, so this is not the correct location for these first levee's.
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