1. The National Center for Health Statistics reported that of every 882 deaths in recent years,...


The National Center for Health Statistics reported that of every 882 deaths in recent years, 21 resulted from an automobile accident, 183 from cancer and 306 from heart disease. What is the probability that a particular death is due to an automobile accident?

A 21/882 or 0.024

B 510/882 or 0.578

C 21/306 or 0.069

D 183/882 or 0.207


A survey of top executives revealed that 36% of them regularly read Time magazine, 20% read Newsweek and 41% read U.S. News & World Report. Eight percent read both Time and U.S. News & World Report. What is the probability that a particular top executive reads either Time or U.S. News & World Report regularly?

A 0.69

B 1.00

C 0.66

D 0.46


In a management trainee program, 80 percent of the trainees are female, 20 percent male. Ninety four percent of the females attended college, 75 percent of the males attended college. A management trainee is selected at random. What is the probability that the person selected is a female who did attend college?

A 0.36

B 0.31

C 0.30

D 0.75


An electronics firm sells two models of stereo receivers, four CD decks, and four speaker brands. When the three types of components are sold together, they form a "system." How many different systems can the electronics firm offer?

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A 10

B 100

C 32

D 16


Judging from recent experience, 5 percent of the computer keyboards produced by an automatic, high-speed machine are defective. If six keyboards are randomly selected, what is the probability that none of the keyboards are defective?

A 0.783

B 0.693

C 0.472

D 0.735


Sweetwater & Associates write weekend trip insurance at a very nominal charge. Records show that the probability that a motorist will have an accident during the weekend and file a claim is 0.0005. Suppose they wrote 400 policies for the coming weekend, what is the probability that exactly two claims will be filed?

A 0.0163

B 0.0437

C 0.0441

D 0.0354

Homework Answers

Answer #1



Probability = favorable/total

Total = 882

Favorable = death from an automobile accident = 21

Required probability is 21/882 (option A)


P(time magazine) = 0.36

P(News seek) = 0.2

P(US news and world report) = 0.41

P(time and us) = 0.08

We need to find p(time or us)

We know that

P(a or b) = p(a) + p(b) - p(a and b)


P(time or us) = 0.36 + 0.41 - 0.08 = 0.69


Suppose there are a total of 100 trainees

So, 80 would be females

And 20 would be males

94% of females attend college

Therefore, 94% of 80 = 75.2

So, required probability is 75.2/100 = 0.752

= 0.75

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