Problem I. An experiment was done with 30 participants to test the effect of the type...

Problem I. An experiment was done with 30 participants to test the effect of the type of attachment style that one has (i.e., secure, anxious, or avoidant) on how long one (in years) is married to her/his spouse. Higher scores below indicate a greater number of years. Use an alpha level of .05 (p = .05).


Secure                  Anxious               Avoidant

               M1 = 10                M2 = 9                  M3= 5                   k =

                              n1 = 10                  n2 = 10                  n3 = 10                  N =

                              T1 = 100 T2 = 90                 T3 = 50                 G =

                              SS1=60                 SS2= 110              SS3= 70                ∑X2 = 2300

1. What statistical test should you use to evaluate the hypothesis above?

  1. one-way independent ANOVA
  2. simple linear regression
  3. Pearson Product Moment Correlation

2. State the hypotheses in words and notation.

Null hypothesis (words):

Alternative hypothesis (words):

3. What is N, G, and k above?

4. Find the degrees of freedom:

5. Find the critical value:

6. Complete the Summary Table below and calculate the test statistic.

*Note: I won’t be giving you this summary table on the test so be sure to memorize it!

SS                          df                          MS                                                    

Between Treatments                                       

Within Treatments                                          


6) Do you reject H0?

7) State your conclusion in terms of the study—what does it mean? Include the appropriate statistics, including p and dfs, and write it in APA style.

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